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Suddenly Haunted

Director:  Michael W. Edwards

Screenwriters:  Michael W. Edwards & Anthony Koreny

Genre:  Comedy/Horror


Suddenly Haunted dives into the story of Dick Berry, a man whose house has...well, become Suddenly Haunted. With his friend Agnus Rott, they will find what is causing this supposed haunting. Perhaps the peculiar Sink Troll in his kitchen may have something to do with it.

You can view Suddenly Haunted on youtube here.

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Executive Producers
Michael W. Edwards
Patrick Jennings

Written and Produced by
Michael W. Edwards
Anthony Koreny


Directed and Cut by
Michael W. Edwards


Anthony Koreny



Tom Beaurepaire

Hannah Camilleri

Narration and Troll Voice
Tom Beaurepaire


Sound Mix
Greg Cheeseman


Sound Recordist
Philip Mitchell


Camera Assistants
Jack Murtagh
Adrian Ortega


Lighting and Camera Assistants
Hugo Boswell
Harrison Murray

Special Thanks

Jackie and Peter Edwards


Prop manager
Harrison Murray


Harrison Murray
Adrian Ortega


Puppet Seamstress
Jackie Edwards


Miniature Made by
Michael W. Edwards
Anthony Koreny


Additional Crew
Kate Barrett
Johnson Qiao

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